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 All is possible in the vibrations of love, light and truth.  It is through our experiences we become defined, and all too often, in the form of anger, guilt, fear and sadness.  It is through the teachings, principles and vibrations of the Ascended Masters, we are all invited to explore the possibility and potential of our highest and truest self ~ that which is nothing less than divine, that which is love and light in its truest form.  Buddha teaches, “if the truth can be explained in words, it is not the truth.” We invite you to experience a community of love, healing and knowledge, so you can discover your own truth and who you truly are.

            Rev. Shane Certified by the
ASSMPI Organization!


On the Road Meeting Amazing People

Rev. Mychael Shane was invited to Ft. Lauderdale in 2015.  Through the success of this trip the word got out and Rev. Shane was invited to other venues ranging from West Virginia, New Orleans, Tennessee, and Texas.  He had an opportunity to meet some true spiritual people who experienced his abilities and work with the Ascended Masters.  This opportunity would not have been possible without the help and support of Rev. Kevin Lee out of Ft. Lauderdale Metaphysical Chapel. Rev. Shane would like to thank everyone involved and all those who hosted him and the participants ~ your support and excitement was truly appreciated.  During these travels Rev. Shane had the opportunity to meet other mediums, such as Joseph LoBrutto.  During an event that he and Rev. Shane were holding, Mr. LoBrutto demonstrated his healing abilities where an energy wave penetrated the room and removed the intense pain in Rev. Shane's right knee. 

Rev. Mychael Shane is returning to Ft. Lauderdale in April to begin his 2016 US tour.  After Rev. Shane's US tour, he will be returning to Basel, Switzerland, where he was invited in 2015 to share his abilities and introduce the Ascended Masters abroad.  This was all made possible by Lucius Werthmueller and Kai Muegge.  During this trip Rev. Shane met several talented mediums, including Kai Muegge and Warren Caylor.  Rev. Shane had the opportunity to sit with Mr. Caylor and experienced spirit communication and apportation; while sitting in Warren's circle, a child spirit walked up to Mychael and touched  him on his knee and gave him Warren's personal native drum.  This was a truly amazing experience.   Rev. Shane experienced Kai Muegge's event in Reno, NV, and quoted saying, "There are no words that can describe the experience.  It is a must for you to experience for yourself."  This event was one for the books.  Kai's lovely wife, Julia, is a force to reckon with, a beautiful person and Kai's manager.  Thank you all for everything! Rev. Mychael will be returning to Basel May 1-8, 2016.

Rev. Mychael Shane looks forward to seeing all of you again as you are dear to his heart!           

Dr. Wayne Dyer
The Man ~ The Master

In 2011 I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Wayne Dyer while in Maui, as he heard of me through the spiritual grapevine. He came and received three Crystal Light Energy Healings from me; after his first session he said, “If you were a woman I would kiss you!” Dr. Dyer, seemingly impressed with his experience, graced us by coming to a séance event where he received a silver quarter that had his birthday on it. Dr. Dyer also came to an event of mine in McKenna where he received an amethyst gemstone from Master St. Germain. As I became to know him I realized there was more to this man than what met the eye; he was a man that was about to master his lifetime; a man who loved his family and blessed the lives of all those that experienced his presence and his teachings. He was a kind hearted man who gave me an opportunity to do a video, receiving nothing in return, nor did he ask. This was truly a great man and I will miss him very much. My time was short with him, but what I know for certain is that he is with the Ascended Masters of Shamballa studying and teaching. He is a true Master.
Until we meet again,
Consider the possibilities as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer meets Mychael Shane


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Healing with your Native Guide
& Divine Feminine Empowerment 

See the new video of Rev. Shane in Red Light Seance and the materialization of ectoplasm and Apports!

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